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Club Planner runs on all platforms, in the cloud or with a local database. You can choose between applications, an online platform, apps and IOT devices.

Mobile App

Native mobile apps for Android and iOS. Your customers are able to see the planning and book reservations. They can also search for different types of exercises and get an overview of their finished workouts. All these options available in your personalised mobile app.


Online platform where members can make reservations, while you and your employees can manage your organisation using this online tool.


Online webshop where clients can register, buy subscriptions, multiple-access cards and more. Stop losing time by sending emails back and forth: our easy-to-use webshop wizard will guide the client from registration to payment in 5 easy steps.


Club Planner also offers dedicated hardware. Our soft- and hardware communicate with each other and ensure smooth operation with turnstiles, door access controls, beverage dispensers, cash registers, payment terminals, ticket printers, gates, lights, etc. As the backbone of all this, Cloud Support ensures a constant peace of mind.


Club Planner is linked with different tools to manage your company even easier. We support RFID, barcode magnetic stripe, fingerprint, Technogym, eGym, E-ID, Bancontact, Payconiq, SEPA, CodaBox and many more.

Desktop Software

Full backoffice application that allows you to completely manage your organisation.

Access Control

We use Internet-Of-Things devices that control all your automised accesses control hardware like turnstiles, electric doors, barriers etc . They continue to work without internet connection and will synchronize the attendance of your members with the cloud afterwards.

Touch Screen Interfaces

By implementing touch screens in your club, customers can easily book their lessons or personal trainings with their personalised badge.

Bar Tender

A full-option point-of-sales module for your bar. Can be linked to touchscreen, scanners, cash registers and ticket printers. Only available on Windows.

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